"Don't picture what your eyes see, but rather what your heart feels."

Hello & welcome, my name is Natty. I started this art project named "NattyMoments" to present my work as a photographer and with the intention of starting a business. This has since changed dramatically. Long story short, there are many aspects to the business side of photography I don't agree with and therefore I decided to stop trying getting into it. So I guess this website is currently just a display for the beauty of nature.

In a time where a lot of photographers focus on heavy use of Photoshop and other post processing tools to create stunning images, I believe in setting the focus on the field work. On technic, light, location and natural events. Using post processing only as a tool to perfect each and every image characteristic. The work must resemble the outcome of your photographic process and journey. Photographs are best created and shaped by patience, endurance and knowledge. At the end, the whole process of creating a photograph and more so is deeply meditative and to me a must to find balance and well-being .