"Don't picture what your eyes see. But rather what your heart feels."




Welcome to my official Website. My name is Natty and I am a landscape resp. nature photographer. The project "NattyMoments" represents the journey under which I publish my work. It is my journey of a life time, which is devoted to preserving the natural beauty of this planet. Therefore, this project is also about the interactions of humans and nature. The project furthermore gives you an idea of myself as a human being as it is accompanied by a blog in which I exploit memories, write about places or share behind the scenes. 

In a time where a lot of photographers believe in heavy use of Photoshop and other post processing tools to create stunning images, I believe in setting focus on the field work. On technic, light, location and natural events. Using post processing only as a tool to perfect each and every image characteristic. The work must resemble the outcome of your photographic process and journey. Photographs are best created and shaped by patience, endurance and knowledge. Those three attitudes are most important to every landscape photographer. I see photography as a form of art, because, as by definition, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Art is an everlasting way of learning. A creative skill can never be worked out to perfection. Simply because, perfection is always a matter of opinion - it can’t be generalized. But the beauty is that, if you put your heart in it and work hard, you may reach what you would call perfection. And ultimately, this is what this project is for me. Growing day by day and also trying to make a positive impact!


Enjoy exploring the website and if you have a comment, an idea for improvement or just want to say hello, feel tree to send me a message!


Much Love & Respect,


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