Photography – Retrospect On My First Half Year

For close to a year now, I have devoted my life to photography with the intention to make a living out of it one day. In this blog post I would like to focus specifically on the 1st of January […]


Zambia – Memories

I initially wanted to craft a blog post on another topic, but it is just not going to happen. For over a week I tried to come up with an adequate writing style, but I just can’t find one I […]

Photography – How To Plan A Landscape Shoot

At some point on my journey across Africa, I realised that I need to put more effort into my landscape photography shootings. This also goes hand in hand with exploring and traveling even more. We are earthlings and the earth […]


Africa – A Love Story

I often get asked where this fascination for Africa comes from and why I am so deeply in love with this place. I find it rather difficult to describe, as it is just something I feel inside of me. Yet […]

View of Daressalam.

Tanzania – A Land To Be Seen

By the beginning of this year I took on a journey across Africa. I spent nearly five months on the continent and Tanzania was my last stop. I crossed into the country from Zambia by land and Mbeya marked my […]

Website & Portfolio Revision – A Breakpoint

Before I explain to you what changes I implemented on the new website, I would like to give you a bit of an idea of what’s next. Of why this particular website marks a bit of a breakpoint for me. My […]

South Africa – Southern Drakensberg & Sani Pass

I was born and raised in Switzerland. I therefore have seen a lot of mountains in my life. Actually, one of the most beautiful mountain range in the world can be found in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the Southern Drakensberg, and the Sani Pass […]

Garden Route

South Africa – The Garden Route

The Garden Route. Hence its vegetation and wildlife also called “The Garden of Eden”. A road along the South African coastline – stretching from Mossel Bay to Storms River. An amazingly versatile and stunning route through the Western Cape of […]

Ghana – A Heart-Warming Country

A small disclaimer before the actual post. It still feels like I visited Ghana yesterday. My memories of this journey are just still outstandingly present. But it is not like I remember it from start to finish, more like I […]

Cape Town

Cape Town – Street Art & Photography

I initially wanted to write a blog post on Cape Town, but I badly struggle with finding the right words for this city. Mainly because I find it hard to write about it as a city. As one place. I […]


Namibia –A Living Desert

In the last years Namibia gained a lot of attention as one of the must see countries in Africa e.g. the world. Mainly due to it’s landscapes and safety, but also because of its very interesting and diverse culture. For […]

Travelling – To Find Yourself

Well, the time has come. On Sunday, I fly to Namibia for two weeks to participate on a guided tour. The tour will take me through Namibia and end in Cape Town. I will stay there for two weeks and […]