New Website

New Website – A Better Understanding

I already mentioned in a previous blog post that I’m working on a new website. Well, this work has been completed. Initially the website should be up and running by the 1st of January. Well, I kept my word. More […]

Portfolio – Updated & Revised

I felt like there was something missing. Lately I reviewed my portfolio and I didn’t get those certain goose bumps. But it didn’t feel negative at all. I still see it is an outcome of growing in photography. But still, […]

Status Quo, NattyMoments

Status Quo – Where I Am At

Blog post to highlight why I haven’t written a blog in a while and why my social medias are yet not frequently used. My first status quo. Let me start of by saying that there are a few good reasons […]


Autumn – It Is Coming

I love autumn. So much I could write a love letter to it. Not because of the weather, but simple cos nature changes to its best. A forest vary into a sea of colours. The soil into a remarkable looking […]

Jamaica, NattyMoments

Jamaica – Cultural Dripping Point

Well, how do you describe Jamaica properly? I asked myself this question a dozen times before I started to write this Blog post. Eventually I started without getting an answer first. I realized that there is no way to describe […]