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Cape Town – Street Art & Photography

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I initially wanted to write a blog post on Cape Town, but I badly struggle with finding the right words for this city. Mainly because I find it hard to write about it as a city. As one place. I like to describe it as different neighbourhoods thrown together to create a very vivid and unique place. Therefore, I decided that I am going to write about a topic I am more familiar and educated about, which is street art and photography.

I have been to a lot of places in which you could find some amazing and stunning street art. Also a few places that I felt were almost built for street photography. Amsterdam or San Francisco to name two. But I never came across a city which combined both so uniquely. I stayed in Woodstock and absolutely loved the neighbourhood. It is actually well known for its street art scene. There are a lot of amazing graffiti’s to be seen, sometimes not even a block away from each other. I am not only talking about simple writings or letters, but the graffiti’s (see photographs) were more like complete paintings and sometimes even a message or political statement. Just really fascinating and beautiful to explore while walking around.

On top of that, the city is also ideal for street photography. The fascinating thing about Cape Town is its inconsistency when it comes down to architecture. Besides the different building styles, you literally find new and polished up buildings next to broken down and wrecked houses. It is amazing. A whole new level of contrast! Furthermore, they are often even coloured differently. Besides that, there are a variety of different neighbourhoods. So you find a ghetto, slum and suburb literally next door to each other. And to top that, there is every possible culture you can imagine living in Cape Town. So for capturing people, the city is also absolutely worth visiting.

I could go on and on why this city is just a street art and photography paradise, but, as a photographer, I like to rather put my words into visual expression. So, please look at the pictures I attached to the blog post. They will pay justice to what I described.


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