I have been shooting landscapes for close to four years now. From the hundreds of raw files I captured during this time I decided to put together a collection of 16 images. They are my favourites from my time spent outdoors. Alone or with friends, a short walk or an overnight camping trip, in the freezing cold or on a hot summer evening - each image has its own story. Although each story is different, they have a collective message: go outside and reconnect with nature.

In a time where a lot of photographers focus on heavy use of Photoshop and other post processing tools to create stunning images, I believe in setting the focus on the field work. On technic, light, location and natural events. Using post processing only as a tool to perfect each and every image characteristic. The work must resemble the outcome of your photographic journey. Photographs are best created and shaped by patience, endurance and knowledge. At the end, the whole process of creating a photograph is deeply meditative and a must to find balance and well-being.


More than anything, I sincerely hope that this portfolio will give you an appreciation for the natural wonders of our planet.