Namibia –A Living Desert

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In the last years Namibia gained a lot of attention as one of the must see countries in Africa e.g. the world. Mainly due to it’s landscapes and safety, but also because of its very interesting and diverse culture. For me, ever since I saw a picture of the red sand dunes in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, I wanted to visit this country. It was just a breathtaking photograph. I therefore booked a tour, a flight, packed my bag and started my travels in this breathtakingly beautiful African country.


I am going to write a more detailed blog post about Namibia in the future, but I just would like to share a few pictures with you in order to give you a first glimpse.

Well, I dare to say that I have been to a lot of beautiful countries and places on this planet. But, Namibia is truly unique. It is a living desert. I have never experienced a place drier, and at the same time more vivid. I am visiting the country during rainy season, although I haven’t felt much rain yet. The combination of the flowering flora and the dryness of the country is just unbelievable. You can not find words that pay justice to the landscapes I saw over the last couple of days. You have to experience it by yourself! Nevertheless, I feel like it is a good idea to show you a few photos from my trip I have taken so far. I will give you an idea if it is a place you consider worth visiting. I still have a crazy amount of raw data to proceed, so you can look out for more to come!


As always, enjoy the photographs I selected for you and feel free to leave a comment.





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