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I felt like there was something missing. Lately I reviewed my portfolio and I didn’t get those certain goose bumps. But it didn’t feel negative at all. I still see it is an outcome of growing in photography. But still, I had to do something about it. Therefore, I’ve recently put a lot of time and effort into creating a new portfolio. As I’ve spent the last months taking pictures and travelling, I was left with a huge and overwhelming amount of photographs. Later I started sorting and categorising them. By the time a selection was made, the actual work was still outstanding; postproduction. So I reedited most photos I had in order to truly see my new knowledge in action. I furthermore was not happy with the variety my portfolio represented. I increased the number of photos in each category slightly – mostly in order to help with the variety. I was able to pull this step off as I finally collected enough raw material. And just for those who are wondering: I created my whole portfolio by using Adobe Lightroom. I have been working with Lightroom for a year now and can recommend it a 100% for organising and editing your pictures.

I will definitely do another revision some when in the future, but for now, let us enjoy the work and art created. Feel free to take a look at the new collection on my website. I feel like it reflects not only my work and art, but also who I am as a human being. Let me know what you think by leaving a reply!


Again, you are allowed to use any picture for personal matters. I’m just asking for reasonable credit.  If used commercially, please feel free to contact me at any given time.




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