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New Website – A Better Understanding

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I already mentioned in a previous blog post that I’m working on a new website. Well, this work has been completed.

Initially the website should be up and running by the 1st of January. Well, I kept my word. More precise, it was actually realised a day before on the 31st of December 2015. And to be even more precise, it took me a few days after to do the last changes. Especially the SEO index took way longer to set up then expected. But nevertheless, the website is now online and looking gorgeous. Not how I perfectly imaged it, but that rarely happens when it comes down to building a website. Following a list of the biggest changes:



First of all, I reworked some of the content on the website. Mainly the comment to my portfolio as well as the welcome text. I felt the urge to redo them as the parts mentioned were a bit insipid – or at least in my option. I am fairly happy with the outcome, but due to myself being a perfectionist, I will probably redo it sooner or later again.



The most significant change is that the website is fully responsive. And yes, it was before. But it wasn’t really looking as it supposed to be and therefore I’m very glad that it is now. Furthermore, I have a better control over the whole website as it was built by myself using WordPress. I also reworked the design, because I didn’t like the previous one. In my opinion, the new layout is more clear, elegant and simple. I also did a lot of minor changes which are not really worth mentioning.



I not only reedited the comment text, but also changed the comment page as well as the portfolio pages in general. I added content as I felt there was something missing. I also reedited my whole portfolio. Speaking of which, I wrote a separate blog post on it. To summarize it, I wanted to make it look, and more importantly, fell more professional. And I truly think I achieved this.



Well, you might think that my blog didn’t change that much after taking a first look. Yes, there is a new layout and finally the function to add comments, but there is another change that is way more important in my eyes. And this change is in regards to the blog posts themselves. I decided to put way more thought and time in my blog posts as I’m not a native English speaker and therefore need to always double check whether what I wrote is of interest or not as well as well written.


So, with all that being said, I hope you appreciate the work I put into the creation of this new website. I am certainly very happy with the outcome and will try to continuously optimize things as I go along. Feel free to leave me any feedback or ideas – I am always open to learn from others.




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