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Blog post to highlight why I haven’t written a blog in a while and why my social medias are yet not frequently used. My first status quo.

Let me start of by saying that there are a few good reasons why and I will separate the blog accordingly. There is the new website, preparations for my travels and a revision of my Lightroom workflow. All this together pretty much occupies my whole time and I use the little rest to study photography. Another project I (almost) finished is setting up my social media sides. In todays time, it is absolutely crucial to be present online. I will have my social media links listed on my new website as I decided to start using them properly by when I release the new website.



An explanation first: as I have no experience in coding, I couldn’t code a website and I therefore decided to go with a service provider with a website builder included. For a long time, I wasn’t perfectly happy with the website I’m currently using. For various reasons. Important features are missing and I also dismiss the layout. So the only thing to do was to look for an alternative. After a ton of research, I found WordPress to be the best alternative. I then spent a good amount of my time to recreate my website. The website will be up and running by 1st of January 2016 at latest. It is actually very close to done, but I don’t want to rush with the details and making sure everything works properly.



This is the biggest point on the list. I mentioned that I quit my job in order to work as a freelance photographer. Along that decision came a second one which is to travel. To be more precise, I’m planning to travel for at least a full year, maybe even longer. The reasons why I decided to start travelling vary quite a bit. One reason is that I would like to have more time for practicing. And after working and going to school for more than five years straight, I am desperate to find my own way and purpose in life.

I start by flying to Namibia on the 17th of January. I will stay in Namibia until end of January on a guided tour. The tour will end in Cape Town and from there I am going to travel South Africa. My journey will end with a trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe. Confirmed and booked is only Namibia (and some parts of South Africa) so far, but I’m currently working on getting the rest together.


Workflow Lightroom

Lightroom is a program which takes a few hours to learn, but a lifetime to master. And a month ago I thought that I mastered it quite good by now. But after all the lessons about colour, I got the feel that my colour work is not there yet. I then spent lot of time redoing my workflow in Lightroom and after some trail and error, I am finally happy with the results I get. Besides redoing the colours, I also changed a few other settings. So therefore a good amount of time lately is occupied with editing photographs.


I hope this gives you a good insight and idea.




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