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Before I explain to you what changes I implemented on the new website, I would like to give you a bit of an idea of what’s next. Of why this particular website marks a bit of a breakpoint for me. My focus has been learning photography and the art form itself so far and not on the business side of things. This is about to change. Ultimately, I want to make a living out of what I love doing. Therefore, the next couple of weeks, probably even months, are going to be dedicated to setting up a freelance network. I will also look into how to market my business, especially on social media. But I am not going to disregard photography. Actually, I am planing to regularly spend time outside and take photographs as well as study photography. The timing chosen is on purpose as I now have an acclaimed portfolio and website to present myself professionally.



This is by far the biggest challenge I face every time I redo my website. I am just not very gifted when it comes to writing content, even though my English is well. I think it partly has to do with my lack of vocabulary and the often missing inspiration e.g ideas. However, I am actually really pleased with the result of this revision. Like last time, I revised the whole webpage. I wrote a new introduction to the website and portfolio, updated my bio and overwrought other bits and pieces as well as added new content.



Design wise there are not a lot of changes. The biggest one I implemented is the new menu. Other than that I did a lot of smaller improvements, like changing the main font or replacing images. There are still certain aspects, design wise, that I would like to have differently. However, sacrificing my time to learn coding isn’t an option currently. So I just use WordPress in combination with a theme and the options e.g. possibilities given. It does a great job and I am pleased with the result.



The biggest signboard of my website is most definitely the new portfolios. It consists of two collections, one for nature e.g. landscape and the second one for culture & architecture photography. In order to achieve the style presented, I reedited each and every photograph multiple times. I experimented with Lightroom for hours, probably even days, in order to achieve the very look which represents my ideal of photography. Sharing what your eyes and heart saw. Being so passionate to search for the best of nature and do whatever it takes to capture it. And then, using editing software to perfect certain image characteristics, which the camera doesn’t do an appropriate job at. I dare to say that I have a very solid understanding of Lightroom and the edit on those photographs represents what Lightroom is capable of doing.


I hope you appreciate all the work I put in this project and please feel free to leave me feedback. As a teaser I attached some of my favourites from my portfolio. Enjoy!





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